Bioenergy Massager for Meridian Physiotherapy Massage Machine DDS Bio Electric Muscle Stimulator Health Care Relaxation

1. Is the bioenergy massager safe? Does it cause side effects?

  • The bioenergy massager is a completely safe device, which is confirmed by a quality certificate. The output voltage of the device is 8 volts, which coincides with the biocurrents of body cells. The device is safe for the client and the specialist who works with it.It converts electrical impulses into biocurrents, which coincide with the electrical charge of human cells. Bioenergy massager restores cell energy, frees energy channels.

2. How effective is the Bioenergy Massager?

  • This device has an immediate effect, which is confirmed by a large number of personal examples of its use. If you have not had time to feel the action of a bioenergy massager, we suggest you definitely try the bioenergy massage procedure.

3. For what purposes is it recommended to use the device?

  • Insomnia, nervous exhaustion, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, lack of appetite, constipation, hemorrhoids, skin itching, rheumatoid diseases, arthritis, diseases of the cervical spine, pain in the lower back and legs, bruises, dislocations, fractures, dizziness and tinnitus, prostate hypertrophy, anemia, hypertension, hyperlipemia, diabetes mellitus, consequences of brain concussion, various ischemic diseases, climacteric syndrome, chronic fatigue.

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The newest version: Bilingual panels and bilingual instructions (English+Russian).

  • Scope of application: for the face, body, hands, legs, back.
  • Equipment: main unit, case, remote controller, electrode plates, impulse pads, conductive gloves, insulating gloves, electrode connection wire, wire for the gloves, power cable and adapter.

  • Indications for use: nervousness, joint diseases, osteochondrosis, Numbness, coldness in the body; decrease in body tone; constant fatigue; puffiness; pain in the body
  • Frequency pulse: low medium 3000Hz+/-10% for treatment.

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